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Most of the products sold in frozen seafood are NOT produced by the importers on your vendor lists.  This is the due to various contributing factors, like the extremely fragmented and international seafood production landscape.  


The good news is you have the power to look for a partner who does seafood distribution on YOUR TERMS, rather than being forced to accept theirs.


  • Get the power of direct sourcing with the simplicity of a single source:  Navigating the dozens of species and thousands of seafood producers across the globe is complex and nuanced to say the least.  We deliver value by synthesizing that complexity for you in a simple and collaborative way to ensure you're getting the best of what you're looking for. 

  • Trade posturing narratives and ambiguous rhetoric for straight-talk: In our model, transparency is table-stakes because we have nothing to hide.  We act as your seafood supply chain chief-of-staff to bring you all the information and advice you need to run your business and achieve your goals.  You make data-driven decisions every day for your internal supply chain, let us help empower you to do the same for the seafood supply chain!

  • Align your vendors interests with yours: The importer trade model inherently creates incentive for importers to steal a dollar from one step up or down the value chain.  This erodes trust where it is most needed, in the middle of the seafood value chain.  We charge a fixed and transparent fee so we're always on the same side of the table working shoulder to shoulder with you rather than opportunistically looking for self-serving wins.

  • Don't buy your importers inefficiencies: The cost to move product from the producers to your supply chain SHOULD NOT be a known unknown.  We're experienced supply chain experts and bring you the benefit of an exceptional supply chain as a service to you.  You'll know what you pay and we're not shy about transparency because we demand we be the best!

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