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Moontail History

Founded by Ryan Grace

Moontail was founded in 2023 by Ryan Grace after nearly 15 years of experience in the seafood industry.  The passion to start Moontail originates from his roots as a Category Advisor - what actually led to his entrance into seafood.

Category Advisors create value by providing their partners actionable recommendations based on unbiased facts, data, and utilizing their strong industry knowledge to help their partners better succeed.  After spending over a decade at one of the largest seafood distributors in the US, it became apparent the business model of importers (a trade model) is intrinsically self-serving rather than customer oriented.

This led Ryan to start Moontail with a new operating model - Democratized Distribution.  This model is built in the same vein of category management.  It is sector serving and benefits from delivering growth to partners across the value chain.  Rather than utilizing market information to be self-serving, Moontail operates as a category captain for the seafood value chain by utilizing data and information to help deliver better results for both commercial buyers and producers.  

Our vision is to provide an alternative to the importer model that provides stronger partnership throughout the entire seafood value chain to deliver growth for the seafood sector as a whole.

Moontail is a partnership between Ryan and financial and strategic partners who operate a similar model in other commodities with turnover near $1B annually. We're excited to bring our passion and service to the seafood industry!

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