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Producer Partners

You have a voice in who you partner with to gain market access.  We've built our democratized distribution to give you the option of distribution on your terms!

What is democratized distribution?

  • A bridge to market, not a gate:  We believe market access should not be gated but rather a resource to the incredibly proud seafood processors around the world.

  • Value creating, not value extracting: Scaled distribution offers many cost savings benefits and additional resources compared to building your own market access.  We offer these benefits to you rather than leveraging these benefits for our own gain.  This allows our partnership to deliver you value and create a foundation of trust.

  • A tool for collaboration, not a game of telephone: We believe bringing everyone to the table to creates solutions and solves problems across all stakeholders.  We're happy to always facilitate open conversations and won't ever play games.

  • A tailwind for growth, not an unavoidable headwind: Our model is rebuilding seafood distribution to fuel growth in seafood consumption.  We're doing this by bringing a laser focus on consumers and a commitment to data-driven business decisions.  Increased demand creates tailwinds for everyone!   

Let’s Work Together

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