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It's ok to have questions

If you don't find the answers to your questions here, click below to contact us and we will happily set up a time to discuss your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How did Moontail start?

Moontail is founded and managed by Ryan Grace, a 15-year seafood distributor veteran.  It was funded and launched in 2023 as a partnership with a network of supply chain providers to industries outside of seafood.  Learn more on our company history page.

Where does the name Moontail come from?

The name Moontail originates from the crescent-moon shaped tails of the ocean's top predators.  This design helps efficiently propel these apex predators to high speeds to overtake their prey.  We don't believe we're the hero of the seafood value chain... our goal is to be the propulsion for your business designed perfectly to help deliver YOU unprecedented success.  

What is Democratized Distribution?

Democratized Distribution is rebuilding the traditional importer/distributor function by redistributing the power harnessed by importers (as middlemen) and redistributing that to the bookends of the value chain: the producers and commercial buyers.  This allows buyers and producers to work seamlessly across the value chain to solve problems and drive growth in the seafood sector.  

Is Democratized Distribution a complete solution as an alternative to an importer?

Yes!  We know there are real obstacles to get to market: regulatory requirements, systems, working capital, customer service, supply chain management, order processing, artwork management, etc.  We offer the full scope of services so we can address whatever gaps you have to get to market.

Why should I consider Democratized Distribution over the traditional import trade model? 

There are many reasons, and we'd love to talk about them all!  The shortest answer though is because the trade model fundamentally benefits from operating as a black box.  This requires distance between producers and commercial buyers and has broad impacts, and even unintended, consequences to the seafood value chain.  One of the biggest impacts is diminished trust and collaboration across the entire value chain that seafood needs to create growth in seafood consumption. 

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