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Democratized Distribution for Seafood

Moontail offers best-in-class seafood distribution on YOUR terms as a turnkey alternative to the traditional importer model.

Democratized distribution is a reengineering of seafood distribution.  We've removed the gatekeeping power politics of middlemen and replaced it with a bridge designed to serve and propel better outcomes for producers and buyers alike.


With the gatekeeping power of importers who:

  • Make big promises but deliver underwhelming results.

  • Use market shifts as opportunities for arbitrage. 

  • Gate market access and play power games.

  • Limit visibility to cost structure.

  • Create fire drills as the result of poor planning. 

  • Lack tools to help you make data-driven decisions for your business.

Moontail operates a different model to address these problems:  
Democratized Distribution

Why?                    Because...

You're the Hero

Not the importers...

Partner with us and end the gatekeeping power of middlemen in the seafood industry.  


We're creating a future for the seafood industry where scaled excellence truly allows all parties to save money and achieve better business outcomes!

We provide:

  • Transparency & market access you can trust.

  • Reduced distribution costs.

  • All stakeholders a seat at the table.

  • Increased collaboration across the value chain.

  • Increased agility to handle market shifts.

Doesn't have to mean building your own...

We have experience handling 500M+ LBS of frozen seafood distribution,  dozens of species, hundreds of producers around the world and some of the top commercial buyers in the world.  


We know the pains of the seafood supply chain and we're here to help!  

Let us help take your seafood distribution headaches and headwinds and turn them into tailwinds and new horizons for your business!

Take Control of your supply chain

Partner with Moontail

Fishing Net
Fresh Fish Cut

Seafood Producers

We believe distribution should never gate your market access but rather act as a bridge to market. 


We solve supply chain problems so you can focus on your business.  Our democratized distribution offers you the benefits of a scaled supply chain without having to build your own.

Commercial Buyers

Democratized Distribution offers many benefits to retailers and food service distributors:


Greater access to producers, increased transparency, access to true cost, increased service levels and elimination of a dual layer of bidding that happens between you and importers and importers and producers.

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