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Image by NOAA

Democratized Distribution for Seafood Producers

The seafood you produce is the pride of the industry.  We'll save you time, money and headaches as we take it to market together.

Distribution Designed for You

Seafood processors primarily gain market access through importers.

These importers operate opaque "trader" models.


As a result, your cost to access the market is both VARIABLE  and UNKNOWN.

 We offer an alternative called democratized distribution.  It's designed to remove your barriers to market and bring you close to customers.

Our fees and service are FIXED and TRANSPARENT.  We have nothing to hide.

You're the Hero

Not the importers...

We believe the true richness of the industry is the connection of your amazing products with the consumer.

The transparency of democratized distribution breaks down barriers between you and commercial buyers and consumers.

This helps highlight your role in bringing great food to consumers.

Doesn't have to mean building your own

Democratized distribution provides the visibility you'd have building your own distribution and the efficiencies of scale of a professional supply chain.

We've distributed more than 500M LBS of seafood and will drive operational efficiencies of scale to your benefit.

Boat Helm

Take Control of your supply chain

Distribution you can trust

We don't play games

Taking your products from your loading dock to a customer's receiving dock is primarily a supply chain problem.  We're supply chain experts who create value by reducing spend to non-seafood logistics and finance parties via end-to-end optimization.

We have a history of reducing expenses 25-50%!

These savings are transparent and go straight to you and lowering cost of goods for consumers.  This cultivates trust and builds your business.

Interested in Learning More?

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Fish Market

Seafood Producers

We believe distribution should never gate your market access but rather act as a bridge to market.  We're solve supply chain problems so you can focus on your business.  Our democratized distribution offers you the benefits of a scaled supply chain without having to build your own.

Commercial Buyers

Democratized Distribution offers many benefits to retailers and food service distributors including greater access to producers, increased transparency, access to true cost increased service levels and elimination of a dual layer of bidding that happens between you and importers and importers and producers.

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